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About the Artist

Kristel Guimara is the owner of “Travels with Luna.”

I am a woodworker that creates detailed items that are crafted from local wood found at Adirondack Hardwoods, located in the town of Saranac, New York. I thoroughly enjoy going to the lumber yard to pick out rough cut lumber, and returning to the shop in anticipation of designing a new item based on the figure within each board. I take great pride in my attention to detail from the fine sanding and finishing of all my products from start to finish.

Handcrafted Items 

Looking for a handcrafted item?

I create rustic frames, mirrors, keepsake boxes, mixed wood serving and cuttings boards, as well as mixed wood shelves made from locally sources lumber to ensure a reinvestment back into the small town community.

Where to find Travels with Luna items?

Items can be purchased through Travels with Luna Etsy shop or the direct Etsy link provided through each blog post. Each post will feature a wide variety of rustic and wooden products, and new items are added weekly.

Items can, also, be found on the shelves in the newly formed bookstore (The Book Nook, LLC) located on Main Street in Saranac Lake, New York.

Looking for a specialized item?

Contact me today (travelswithluna@gmail.com) and I would happily design an item specifically for you.

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