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Welcome to “Travels with Luna.”


Hello everyone, Welcome to “Travels with Luna.” I am a professional resume builder and career consultant. I provide individuals, from students to professionals, consulting services, and a polished resume and cover letter to land their dream…


FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD: Asia’s glaciers: veiled but not forgotten


Here is a link to the free, view-only article: Here is the downloadable journal version: And here is a news and views piece by Tobias Bolch on the same topic: Enjoy!…


WEBINAR – Sciencing and Social Media


Are you a scientist who wants to learn the best way to start using social media for science? Or are you an experienced social media user who wants tips and tools on how to improve your…

Career Tips

The importance of a follow-up letter


Hello everyone, If you are like many of my students you probably have sent out more than you fair share of resumes and cover letters to your ideal and, even, dream jobs. Yet, the competition is…


Free Book Download: “Energy without Conscience”


The publication of a new book, Energy without Conscience: Oil, Climate Change, and Complicity The book addresses climate change as a moral issue, drawing parallels between slave labor and the oil industry and arguing that oil…


Are you seeking a career in Science Policy?


If your future career plans involve science policy and you would like to learn more about the field, the latest online course from AAAS will help you get started. Embark on a career in science policy…

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