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Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year. I love to personalize each gift wrapped for a friend or family member near or far. In this day in age, technology makes it easier to stay connected with individuals within my life. Many have moved quite the distance away and seeing their wonderful smiles would not be possible without the use of technology: such as Skype.

This is why I love Christmas. We are so busy for most of the year. The holidays allows us to step back for a moment and be present…in this moment with individuals that make us smile. I get to see strangers pick out a personalize gift for the special someone. How could this not make another smile!

So, in the spirit of Christmas I am offering free shipping! The quantity does not matter. Buy one item or 5 items! The offer will stand for either!

Gift wrapping is included AND the item can be shipped to a family/friend as a gift.

Here at Travels with Luna we put family (and friends) first. Each product is made from locally-sourced lumber to ensure sustainability and a re-investment back within the community.


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